Aaron Biebert - 2 Years after A BILLION LIVES movement.

What's Next? 

 Happy Monday from toasty Los Angeles,

 Today marks two years since our North American Premiere of A Billion Lives. Just for kicks, I looked back at some of the stats my team shared with me. It is amazing to see the noise we made together!


From just May 2016 to November 2016, we had 17,710,000 impressions on Facebook for posts on our English A Billion Lives page. Our posts were shared 45,010 times!


In the 91 day period between our World Premiere in NZ & our North American Premiere, we had 1,500,000 impressions from the @ABillionLives twitter account and nearly 10,000 retweets.


Instagram reports that you guys made 36,000+ posts about #ABillionLives.


Our community watched 824,000+ minutes of content, shared our videos 11,057 times, and featured them in 1,641 playlists.

 I watched "The Movement" video again this morning. I'm so proud of what we did together.

  On a more personal note, many of my friends who watched A Billion Lives messaged me to tell me they'd stopped smoking and were using a smoke-free nicotine alternative. So much joy!

 However, last week, one of those friends messaged me to confess that she'd gone back to smoking after only a couple months. Her vapor device wasn't enough to conquer a lifetime addiction....

 Even worse, she told me that she has mouth cancer now....


 As much joy as it was to help so many folks trying to stop smoking and help change the laws in several countries, I must admit that in many ways we failed to get the job done.

 Public health officials are still shaming former smokers. They're banning the same flavors that would help my smoking friends decide to try vapor systems. Innovation to help smokers is basically illegal in the US and the older vapor devices aren't working for many lifelong smokers. Now another one of my friends has cancer...


She goes into surgery to remove part of her face in a couple weeks.

I wanted to email you and let you know that I'm getting fired up. I've been thinking of ways to finish the job...end the unscientific fear-mongering that is costing lives.


Next month I am scheduled to begin a new project. I was developing a movie about Poverty and the cause of it (broken relationships & disconnection). However, I now find myself wondering if I should get back into the fight we started with A Billion Lives. I'd like to investigate the science of nicotine, take a look at new developments, and expose some new scandals I just found out about.

 I wanted to check with you and get your thoughts:

1) What feedback do you have about A Billion Lives?
2) What new topics should we cover in another movie?

 I'm in LA meeting with my agent about future projects and I brought this up. Basically, we're running into the same questions we had last time. Here's where I'd need help if we're going to do a new movie:

 1) Do you know any celebrities who would tell their story?

2) Do we have enough passionate friends to help carry the message on social media?

3) How do we pay for making the movie?

We took no money from any outside organizations last time to make the movie and while it helped our credibility, it hurt our ability to get professional publicity and marketing going at an early stage. We simply didn't have enough funding...and I'm stubborn.

 This time around, I'm thinking about trying a Kickstarter. Do you think people would support it? Do you have any ideas of what perks we could offer supporters?

 Ok, that's enough questions. Please hit "reply" to my email and let me know what you think.

 Also, Kevin from THR4Life asked me if I'd do an interview looking back at A Billion Lives and I wanted to share it with you. We had a very long and deep conversation.

 Click here to listen to it

 Thanks again for being a part of the fight. I look forward to your thoughts.

 Talk soon,


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